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    Guy Marshall is an American Folk husband/wife duo, based in Knoxville, TN. They're named after front man Adam McNulty's grandfather. They sing original tunes that make you feel like it's your story livin in the old days; simple, happy, sad. Life, in short.

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    Who does the shelter help?

    "Rick" is a 17 year old young man who came to Child & Family Tennessee's Runaway Shelter through a Safe Place location. Before coming to the shelter, Rick had been part of a family in which he was abused and neglected; at the age of 17 he was kicked out of his home and began living on the streets while still attending high school each day. When Rick entered the shelter, he had no food or money, no safe place to live, no consistent adult support; he had not completed his high school education and had no form of state identification or birth certificate. The Runaway Shelter staff took Rick in, gave him a home, food and emotional support, along with helping to meet his other basic needs. Staff helped Rick through the long process of obtaining his birth certificate, social security card and state identification. It was Rick's goal to receive his GED and enter the military in order to dedicate his life to serving his country. The Runaway Shelter staff assisted Rick in getting enrolled in the GED program and taking the military entrance exams.

    Five months later, Rick is now at basic training with the military and he reports, during his calls "home", that he is doing well. Rick still has no connection with his biological family, but now considers the staff who helped him as his family. Rick left some of his possessions behind in the care of the staff and explained that he will return to the shelter that he considers home when he is on leave. Rick now has a stable life, a career and a future in the military. The shy boy who entered the shelter is now a confident and outgoing young man. The life of this youth was impacted greatly by the services he received, however, he also impacted all of the staff members who worked with him as they watched him grow and reach the goals he had set for himself.

    Who is Child and Family Tennessee?

    Child and Family Tennessee is a private nonprofit that has been serving the community for over 81 years. It reaches more than 44,000 women, children, and families annually to help them rebuild their lives and achieve self-sufficiency. Their five core areas of service are: Encourage Wellness and Recovery, End the Cycle of Abuse, Promote Successful Adulthood, Provide Education and Prevention, and Shape Healthy Young Lives.

    901 E. Summit Hill Dr. | Knoxville, TN 37915
    child-family.org | 865.524.7483

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